Clemente 2030

Roberto Clemente was as great a person as he was a baseball player, and we are proud to carry on his legacy as a humanitarian.  Legend has it, in fact, that when the park was dedicated to him in the 1990s, Roberto’s wife Vera paid a visit to our neighborhood for the ceremonies.

To honor Roberto’s helping spirit, the Block Club, along with partnering faith organizations and aid groups, directly engages in work projects. These include emergency repairs to homes, tree removal, large-scale clean-up of illegal dumping, and general tidying up of the Park.NeighborUp provided financial resources through the Cleveland Foundation to help support this initiative.

By 2030, we envision a more improved neighborhood in its built environment, but also with our existing identity and values preserved and enhanced.  Hopefully the maxim of the more things change, the more they stay the same proves true here in our Block Club community.