Old Town Project

The aftermath of the 2008 housing bubble left many of the homes around the Park in a crisis state. Many homes were vacated, condemned, and torn down.  At the time of the Club’s formation, core members formed a pact to unify the 12 parcels around the Park. They envisioned a transformational, resident-driven housing project to rebuild with a theme and a purpose. Forged with the principles and ethics of the Clark-Fulton Together community master plan, the Old Town plan is a prototype for a next-generation equitable development and respects the Park's cultural landmark status. 

Along with affordable housing, neighborhood preservation is a strategic objective for the Club with its salient position on the front lines of the battle of gentrification. As a supportive partner in the efforts of MetroWest, Councilman Kerry McCormack, and Councilwoman Jasmin Satana, the Club advocates for expanded loan and grant programs to strengthen and support our residents. We engage fully in all aspects of our land market to ward against predatory and land acquisition practices. Sustainability, resilience, and equitable outcomes drive our decision-making, resource allocation, and choice of development partners. No one knows our market better than we do because no one knows our people better than we do.